Monday, July 12, 2010

Research Phase Rabbit/witch-doctor assignment


Description: A Witch-Doctor Rabbit: (both human and animal-like versions)

This Character is elegant, cautious, artistic, self-assured, lucky, moody, superficial and stubborn. He is a master magician that can heal or curse. This takes place in the future aboard a star-ship..... Okay I'm still working on the back-ground and time period.

Rabbit – 兔 (Cat in Vietnam) (Yin, 4th Trine, Fixed Element Wood): Gracious, good friend, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, amiable, elegant, reserved, cautious, artistic, thorough, tender, self-assured, shy, astute, compassionate, lucky, flexible. Can be moody, detached, superficial, self-indulgent, opportunistic, stubborn.
witch doctor Shona witch doctor (Zimbabwe)