Wednesday, September 15, 2010

characters and env Calypso. 3 styles assignment

Haley Holmes Alias “Calypso”

She is an independent computer network pirate. Calypso’s main targets are governments and Corporations that exploit people. She specializes in breaking in to secure complexes, hacking into the computer mainframes and looting information. She then blackmails companies into either forcing causes she believes in or simply for money, occasionally she merely bankrupts them through playing with Stock prices. She would ruin certain Corporations anyway as she has a vendetta against glutinous, selfish people and systems (herself being the sole exception). She is a super villain with a taste for technology and she enjoys seeing rich powerful people squirm. She is a bit manic but she is the best at what she does. Her exploits occasionally help the victims of her targets and yet that is not her objective. Calypso is in it for the excitement, the danger, and the power. Governments, cooperation, and billionaires have hired her and many have fallen victim to her as well.
None have discovered her identity. Although she leaves a calling card ... an Orchid.

She can enter any compound and interface with any system. No-one and no secret is safe.